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Warranty Information

As the original purchaser of Goebel Custom Cabinetry, you have purchased cabinetry built to the highest standards of workmanship and materials.

If any issue is outside of what is covered in our warranty or warranty period, Goebel Cabinetry is happy to provide service to resolve any issues with your cabinetry. Please do not hesitate to contact us so our trained technicians can determine the best way to repair your cabinetry.

Five Year Limited Warrany

We will repair, replace or remanufacture all defects in material and workmanship in our products for 5 years from the date of purchase.

Doors warped in excess of 1/4", excluding single panel doors wider than 24" or higher than 48"

Should defects in material or workmanship arise during the warranty period, Goebel Cabinetry will elect to repair or replace, free of charge, the defective material or component.

This warranty does not cover the cost for labor, removal or installation of counter tops, plumbing fixtures, appliances or related materials.

This warranty does not cover damage from improper handling, storage, installation, moisture or temperature related damages, normal wear and tear, or acts of nature.

Goebel Cabinetry's warranty will take effect once the total balance for the project has been paid in full.


This warranty is non-transferable.

Failure to maintain a climate and humidity controlled environment for your cabinetry will void your warranty.

Wood varies in color, grain, and characteristics. Small sap pockets, mineral streaks, and color variations are acceptable and not considered a warranty claim.


Due to excessive exposure to water the items below are excluded from this warranty.

Sink Base Cabinets with Farm or Apron sinks

Wood Dishwasher Panels

Lifetime Limited Warranty On Drawer Slides and Hinges

We will repair or replace all defective drawer slides and hinges for the lifetime of the product.

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